How to put a Gmail shortcut on the desktop and an icon on the taskbar (2023)

Let's say you use Windows, and like us Pinkeye Graphics monkeys, you also use Gmail for email. If so, might you want a handy shortcut to Gmail on your desktop like the one that went into Outlook Express years ago? In fact, for those making the transition from Windows Mail or a similar desktop email application to an online email system like Gmail, having an email icon in the system tray is a big plus. convenience. Even though it only opens one browser, it still retains some of that offline look, which is comforting and easy to use.

Find out below how you can do this with just a few mouse clicks. This should work for Windows 11, Windows 10 and all previous versions. We'll use Gmail as a general example, but this will also work if you're using Outlook online. This works on any Windows desktop or laptop, but not on phones or tablets.

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If you don't know which browser you are using,find out in the "Which browser am I using?" section. Web site.

Create a shortcut to Gmail using Chrome, Firefox or Edge

Firstly, whether you use Chrome, Firefox or Edge browser, almost everything is ready for you.

How to put a Gmail shortcut on the desktop and an icon on the taskbar (1)

Chrome dropdown location

If you use Chrome

  1. go to theGmail homepage,
  2. Choose "More Tools" from Chrome's drop-down menu.
  3. In the tools menu you will see 'add to desktop'Ö'create link🇧🇷 Click on that option and follow the brief instructions - the icon should automatically appear on your desktop.

If your version of Windows supports it, you can also right-click the icon and get the "Pin to Taskbar" or "Pin to Start Menu" option if you like. Or you can just drag the new icon to the taskbar and it will stay there.

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If you use Firefox

You can use Firefox to create a shortcut to any website, such as Gmail, on your computer's desktop. This method also works in Chrome.

  1. go to theGmail homepage
  2. Resize the Firefox window so that you can see your computer's desktop and the Firefox window on the same screen.
  3. Click on the icon to the left of the address bar (where the URL is displayed - see below for more details on where it is located). It is usually a padlock icon.
  4. Still holding the mouse button, drag the mouse pointer to the desktop and release the mouse button.
  5. An icon should appear where you dropped it. Right-click the icon if you want to change its name to Gmail (or whatever).

If you use Microsoft Edge

  1. go to theGmail homepage
  2. Open the Frame drop-down menu.
  3. There are two possibilities,'Pin this page to the taskbar'Ö'Pin this page to get started🇧🇷 Choose one of these options and Gmail will automatically appear on your taskbar or Start menu.
  4. If you want the shortcut on your desktop, just drag it from the "Recently Added" section of the Start menu and place it where you want it.

What is the taskbar?The taskbar is the row of icons usually located at the bottom of the screen. You can add items to the taskbar to find them easily.

What is the start menu?The Start menu is the list of programs and apps at the bottom of the screen. If you can't see it, clicking the Windows icon should show the lower-left corner of the screen or press the Windows key on your keyboard.

If you don't use Chrome, Firefox or Edge, or if the above methods didn't work for you, don't worry, you might as well have an icon. There are two phases, and you don't even have to do the second one if you don't want to. Here's the first one.

Create a shortcut to Gmail using another browser

You can create a shortcut to any web page on your desktop or taskbar. Since Gmail is just a web page, it's really easy. This works with any website, but we'll use Gmail as an example.

  1. Access your Gmail inbox using your preferred browser
  2. Copy the text in the address bar (see below if you don't know what it is)
  3. Go to desktop and right click and selectNew > Shortcut
  4. Paste the website address copied in the 'create link'Dialogue. click next'
  5. Enter a name for the shortcut. "Gmail" is the obvious one. Click Finish".
  6. Try out your new shortcut and make sure it works. A window or tab should open and display Gmail. If not, delete it and try again.
  7. The shortcut is now on your desktop. Leave it there or we suggest dragging it to the taskbar (the taskbar is the row of icons at the bottom of the screen that's always there) and it will stay there. Or, if your version of Windows supports it, you can sometimes right-click the icon and get a "Pin to Taskbar" or "Pin to Start Menu" option.

What is the address bar? It is the field at the top of the browser window that contains the address of the website you are looking for. For example, for this post it will be something like
If you can't find this or it doesn't work, just type "'no'create link'Dialogue takes place.

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This is the basic part done. Now it will work, and if you are happy with the way it looks then stop now.

Customize your new shortcut

But there's more! Want more? OK, here's the second part in case you need it. You may notice that the icon isn't the pretty Gmail icon you're used to seeing. So if that applies to you, you should change it. Here is a downloadable file:Google Mail-Symboldatei🇧🇷 It's called gmail-new-icon.ico. If you know how to do it, go for it. If not, follow these instructions (it's the same file, so you only need to create one). To download the file, right clickthe icon file🇧🇷 In Edge or Internet Explorer, select "save target as🇺🇸 or in Chrome or Firefox'save link as🇧🇷 Other browsers have similar options.

After downloading the file, here's how to use it.

  1. Save the gmail-icon.ico file to your computer. Anywhere is fine, but a good place is C:/windows/system32 on many Windows systems, as many other icon files reside there. You probably shouldn't save it to the desktop, because while it works, you might confuse the icon file with your new shortcut, as they will look the same. The icon file contains a version of the Gmail icon.
  2. Right-click on the new shortcut you created earlier and selectProperties > Change Icon
  3. To choose 'To search for…' and navigate to the location where you saved the gmail-new-icon.ico file
  4. Select the file and you should see the icon. To choose! Click OK and then click OK again.

The icon now has an authentic Gmail look and feel.

Oh, and do you prefer thoseold red and white icon for Gmail? We have that here too.Use this link to download as above and follow the same instructions.

Why stop there? Instead, create a shortcut to Outlook.

Okay, so if this works, there's a little more you can do. Why not create a Facebook shortcut on your desktop? Or Twitter? Or your local newspaper? The first few steps above will work for any website, so give it a try.

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If you prefer to use Microsoft Outlook, this also works if you use the online version (Office 365). Just follow the instructions above and use the Outlook email inbox page instead of Gmail. we even found youYou can download a free Outlook icon here.

If you want to change the appearance of your new shortcuts, you need to download nice looking icons, otherwise all your shortcuts will look the same. However, it is not difficult to find them,just use google!

Lots of luck!

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