Burn music to CD from YouTube in Windows Media Player (2023)

Grabar un CD de YouTube a Windows Media Player? Or just how do you burn a YouTube CD? There are two steps, first download music from YouTube via a YouTube downloader likeMiniTool uTube-downloader; Then burn the downloaded music to the CD using Windows Media Player. Now scroll down for more details on the two steps.

Many people come with the question "how to burn CD from YouTube to Windows Media Player". And beyond that, there are many questions such as the following:

  • How to burn a YouTube CD?
  • How do I burn music from YouTube to CD?
  • How do you download music from YouTube to a CD?

Of course, all these questions are related to the topic "How to convert YouTube music to CD". Convert YouTube Music to CD allows users to do thisenjoy YouTube content offline. But there is another question "is it illegal to burn music to CD from YouTube?". It is illegal to download music from YouTube unless the creator allows it. If you have a license, you can burn it to your CD, but that CD must be for your personal use only.

So how do you burn YouTube music to CD? It is easy to get to as it only takes two steps. First, download music from YouTube with a YouTube downloader. Then burn the music you downloaded from YouTube to CD using Windows Media Player or other tools. Now follow the guide below to complete this recording.

Step One: Download Music from YouTube

YouTube will not give you a download icon to download a song or video from YouTube unless you sign upyoutube premiere($11.99 per month). But luckily, there is a free trick to download free audio from YouTube: you can use a YouTube downloader that can help you download YouTube content. Which YouTube downloader should I choose? Here, MiniTool uTube Downloader, a YouTube downloader for desktop computers, is highly recommended. Because; Keep reading!

Burn music to CD from YouTube in Windows Media Player (1)

Descargador Kies MiniTool uTube

Today, YouTube downloaders can be broadly divided into three types as follows:

  • YouTube downloaders online
  • Extensions for YouTube Downloader
  • youtube-downloader-applications

Online YouTube downloaders are convenient to use as they require no installation and support many media file formats, but they may leave you with some risks when using them. For more information, read about YouTube online downloader safetyIs Y2Mate safe? How to download YouTube videos safely.

As for YouTube downloader extensions, they are also very convenient to use because once they are installed, you will see a download icon under the video player window and you can download the video or video soundtrack from the icon. . However, they support fewer file formats and seem slow to respond.

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Compared with the above two types of YouTube downloaders, most YouTube downloaders are safer and more powerful, and MiniTool uTube Downloader is quite reliable among them and worth a try.

First of all, MiniTool uTube Downloader is a free, safe and ad-free YouTube downloader for Windows 10. Then, it supports four file formats, namely MP4, WebM, MP3 and WAV, so you can not onlyextract music from youtube videosbut also download these videos in high quality. So it can be done automatically.download subtitlesif the youtube video has. Finally, you can download YouTube music and videos in bulk.

So, you can try MiniTool uTube Downloader to do the first step of burning CD from YouTube to Windows Media Player.

Usar MiniTool uTube Downloader

Lots of steps are required to download a song from YouTube using MiniTool uTube Downloader and here are the steps:

Paso 1:Launch the YouTube downloader to access the interface.

Paso 2:Lowyoutube downloadertab, find the app for the music you want to download.

YouTube is included in the app and is displayed on the left side of the app interface, so you can immediately find the music you want to download from the app by typing keywords in the search bar and clicking onGet intokey.

Observation:You can also copy the link of the music you want to download from the YouTube website and then paste it into the link bar of the interface.

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Burn music to CD from YouTube in Windows Media Player (2)

Paso 3:Play the video and then clickdescargarnext to the link bar at the top of the interface.

Burn music to CD from YouTube in Windows Media Player (3)

Stage 4:In the popup window, select a media file format and click on itDOWNLOADdrive.

In general, four media file formats are offered: MP4, Web, MP3, and WAV. To burn YouTube music to CD, select MP3 or WAV as both are listedfile types supported by Windows Media Player.

Burn music to CD from YouTube in Windows Media Player (4)

After the four steps, the song will be downloaded immediately, and the process can be completed in seconds. If you are only downloading a few songs from YouTube, you can repeat the above steps. But if you want to download a lot of YouTube content at once, follow these steps:

  1. Create a public YouTube playlistand add all the music you want to download to the playlist.
  2. Copy and paste the playlist link in the app link bar and clickdescargaricon (You can also click on itTO REGISTERto sign in to your YouTube account and open the playlist you created).
  3. Click onplay listbutton in the download window.
  4. Select the desired media file format.
  5. Click onDOWNLOADdrive.

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For more information on how to download a YouTube playlist with MiniTool, see uTube DownloaderPopular YouTube Music from the 70s and 80s [Share and Download Music].

I easily downloaded music from YouTube using MiniTool uTube Downloader. So I would like to share the tool with you!click to tweet

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When you have downloaded all the content you want from YouTube, you can take the second step to burn a YouTube CD in Windows Media Player.

Observation:YouTube downloads can be burned to a CD for personal, non-commercial use. Otherwise, there may be trouble ahead.

Step Two: Burn YouTube Music to CD

To burn YouTube downloads to CD on Windows 10, you can use Windows Media Player. It was developed by Microsoft to play audio and video and view images on a computer running a Windows operating system such as Windows 10.

However, ifWindows Media Player does not work as expected, you can try to burn a YouTube CD using File Explorer or iTunes. Now do the following operations to burn YouTube music to CD.

Use Windows Media Player

Paso 1:Insert a blank CD to store YouTube music on your Windows PC.

it may interest youWindows 10 does not recognize the CD drive.

Paso 2:(Optional) Go back to MiniTool uTube Downloader and clicknavigate to fileto find the location of YouTube downloads on your computer.

Burn music to CD from YouTube in Windows Media Player (6)

Paso 3:Typewindows media playerin the Windows search bar, and then clickGet intokey.

(Video) How to Burn MP3 Songs to CD for Car Stereo and CD Player with Windows Media Player in Windows 10?

Stage 4:now go toBurnear. Then clickcombustion optionsicon in the upper right corner and select itCD de audioselection.

Burn music to CD from YouTube in Windows Media Player (7)

Paso 5:Drag YouTube music files from their location to the area belowburning listand then clickstart to burnoption next todelete directoryselection.

Burn music to CD from YouTube in Windows Media Player (8)

As you can see, the whole recording task is easy to do with Windows Media Player. Apart from using the Windows tool, you can even easily do it using File Explorer or iTunes. So keep checking how to use these two tools.

Use File Explorer

See how to burn music to CD from YouTube using File Explorer.

  1. Insert the CD into your Windows computer's disc burner.
  2. you see oneAutoplaywindow, in which you must select itWrite files to diskand then set your preferences.
  3. Open the folder that contains the YouTube music you downloaded.
  4. Right click on the file name, select itI send youand select your CD.
  5. Click on the name iconMi PCofthis computeron your desktop and click CD.
  6. You will see the copied YouTube music file appear in the recording drive window. At this point, select it.write to diskand follow the instructions on the screen to set your preferences.

Your computer will start burning YouTube music to the CD. When the recording status clock disappears, the music has been recorded to the disc.

USA iTunes

Also, you can use iTunes to complete this recording task. This is how this is done:

  1. Insert the blank CD into your computer.
  2. To takeitunesvanwindows storeand run it to access the interface.
  3. Click onDurationtab and in the upper left corner select itYoungoption and select itplay listselection.
  4. Enter the name of the playlist, then clickGet intokey.
  5. Open the playlist you created and drag the music from YouTube to the playlist.
  6. Click onDurationtab again and then select itBurn playlist to discselection.
  7. Write it down...CD de audiobox located in the center of the window.
  8. Check the box touse sound checkit's under the audio CD. This is to ensure that your music stays in the same range during playback.
  9. Click onBurnto allow iTunes to burn the YouTube CD.

Here's how to download YouTube music to CD via iTunes.

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Final Thoughts on Burning YouTube Music to CD

How do I burn a YouTube CD in Windows Media Player? You just need to download the YouTube content using MiniTool uTube Downloader and then burn the content to CD using Windows Media Player. If you are still not sure about the two steps, feel free to leave a comment below.

You can also send an email to[email protected]for your questions about the MiniTool software and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Finally, we would like to emphasize once again that YouTube downloads may not be used for commercial purposes.


Can you Burn music to CD with Windows Media Player? ›

With Windows Media Player, you can burn three kinds of discs: audio CDs, data CDs, and data DVDs. To decide which kind of disc you should use, you'll need to think about what you want to copy, how much you're copying, and how you want to play the disc.

Why can't I burn music to CD? ›

Some reasons why the disk you may be using is not working: You are trying to use the wrong type of disk that is not compatible with the optical drive on your computer. You are trying to use a disk that has already been closed (write-protected) in the previous write or burn process.

How can I burn music to a CD for free? ›

CDBurnerXP is an entirely free CD burning software that allows you to burn various disc types from your computer. This program can burn CDs and DVDs, including HD DVDs and Blu-ray discs. This program also allows you to create ISOs and bootable discs with ease.

Why can't i Burn music from Windows Media Player? ›

The "Windows Media Player cannot burn some of the files" error always has something to do with either the Windows Media Player being corrupted or the files you're trying to burn being corrupted. This error is particularly prevalent in Windows Media Player version 12, which comes on Windows 7, 8.1, and Windows 10.

Where is the rip CD button in Windows Media Player? ›

Easiest method: Windows Media Player > Folders > select disc > Rip CD. Change settings: Windows Media Player > Folders > select disc > Rip settings. Select Format, Audio Quality, or More Options before ripping.

What format should I burn music to CD? ›

When creating an audio CD the best source format to use is a WAV file (MP3s are always compressed from CD audio quality to some extent). Converting a 44.1 kHz WAV file to CDA introduces no noise, distortion or coloration to the sound.

How do I burn MP3 to CD in Windows 10? ›

How can I burn mp3's in windows 10?
  1. Launch Windows Media Player.
  2. In the Player Library, click the Burn tab, click the Burn options button. ...
  3. Insert a blank disc into your CD or DVD burner. ...
  4. If necessary, click the Clear list button to remove all items from the previous burn list.
Jan 23, 2016

What music files can you burn to CD? ›

Audio CDs always contain uncompressed PCM stereo audio at 44100 Hz sample rate, 16-bit sample format. So to burn an audio CD, export the file(s) you want to burn as a 44100 Hz 16-bit stereo WAV or AIFF file.

Is it illegal to download music if you own the CD? ›

Copying CDs

The copy is made from an authorized original CD that you legitimately own. The copy is just for your personal use. It's not a personal use – in fact, it's illegal – to give away the copy or lend it to others for copying.

Does Windows 10 come with CD burning software? ›

You can burn your DVDs/CDs by using Windows Media Player for Windows 10 as long as your computer's optical drive has the functionality to write/burn (usually shows -R, +R, -RW, or +RW). Be guided that when you copy music, pictures, and videos from a CD or DVD to your PC, it's called ripping.

What apps can burn a CD? ›

Here is the list of popular CD Burning tools:
  • Ashampoo® Burning Studio 22.
  • CDBurnerXP.
  • NCH Software Express Burn Disc Burning Software.
  • Wondershare UniConverter.
  • BurnAware Free.
  • DeepBurner Free.
  • InfraRecorder.
  • DVDStyler.
Apr 30, 2023

How do I fix Windows Media Player not burning a CD? ›

8 Ways to Resolve Windows Media Player Won't Burn CD
  1. Solution 2: Make Use of the System Troubleshooter. ...
  2. Solution 3: Change the Burning Speed in WMP. ...
  3. Solution 4: Update the Drivers of CD Drive. ...
  4. Solution 5: Run the System File Checker. ...
  5. Solution 6: Replace the Blank Disc.

What happened to Windows music player? ›

Microsoft introduced a brand new Media Player for Windows 11 devices last year, replacing the years-old Groove Music app. But from today, Microsoft is rolling out the Windows 11 Media Player app to windows 10 users as well. The new Media Player app will replace the Groove Music app on your Windows 10 PC.

What music formats does Windows Media Player support? ›

File types supported by Windows Media Player
  • Windows Media formats (.asf, .wma, .wmv, .wm)
  • Windows Media Metafiles (.asx, .wax, .wvx, .wmx, wpl)
  • Microsoft Digital Video Recording (.dvr-ms)
  • Windows Media Download Package (.wmd)
  • Audio Visual Interleave (.avi)

How do I find music files in Windows Media Player? ›

Search for Music Using the Windows Media Player

Let's check out how you can easily search for music using the Windows Media Player: Type Windows Media Player in the Start Menu search bar and select the Best match. Click the right-pointing arrow on the Library tab and then select Music.

Which Windows Media Player is used to play and songs? ›

Windows Media Player (WMP) is the first media player and media library application that Microsoft developed to play audio and video on personal computers. It has been a component of the Microsoft Windows operating system, including Windows 9x, Windows NT, Pocket PC, and Windows Mobile.

How long does it take for Windows Media Player to rip a CD? ›

It should take NO MORE THAN 3 minutes to rip standard length audio disc at max speed at WMA 192 bitrate or MP3 320 bitrate...

How do I burn files to a CD? ›

Browse any files you would like to add to the disc, then click Start > File Explorer > This PC and open the drive containing your DVD-R or CD-R. Then drag and drop any files you want to write to the disc. When complete, click the Manage tab and then Eject.

How do I copy a CD to Windows Media Player? ›

How to Rip a CD Using Windows Media Player
  1. Insert the disc into your disc drive. ...
  2. Open Windows Media Player. ...
  3. Go to the Folders list and select the music disc. ...
  4. Select Rip CD to have Windows Media Player rip the CD with default settings, or select Rip settings to change format, quality, and location settings.
Apr 3, 2022

How do I download music to Windows Media Player? ›

Add Purchased Music to Windows Media Player
  1. Open Windows Media Player.
  2. Click Organize from the menu, and then select Manage Libraries.
  3. Select Add.
  4. Browse to the file or location where you saved your download. For example, your default "Downloads" folder, "Your Music," your "Desktop."
  5. Click Include Folder and confirm.

How do I burn a CD with Windows Media Player Windows 10? ›

Burn an audio CD
  1. Open Windows Media Player: ...
  2. In the Player Library, tap or click the Burn tab, tap or click the Burn options button. ...
  3. Insert a blank CD-R disc into your CD burner. ...
  4. If you see the list from your last selection and want to start a new list, tap or click the Clear list button to remove the previous one.

What is the difference between copying and burning a CD? ›

What Is The Difference Between Copying And Burning a CD? Put simply, “burning” is a popular term used when writing anything to a recordable CD. Copying is 'what it says on the tin'. In that, it is the process of reading data from one CD, and then writing, or “copying”, onto a second disc.

Is it illegal to burn music onto a CD? ›

It's okay to copy music onto special Audio CD-R's, mini-discs, and digital tapes (because royalties have been paid on them) – but not for commercial purposes. Beyond that, there's no legal “right” to copy the copyrighted music on a CD onto a CD-R.

What format do you burn music to a CD? ›

When creating an audio CD the best source format to use is a WAV file (MP3s are always compressed from CD audio quality to some extent). Converting a 44.1 kHz WAV file to CDA introduces no noise, distortion or coloration to the sound.


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